About IfPE

The Institute for Purposeful Excellence (IfPE) is an Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology Management Consulting boutique that works with teams, and individuals in a collaborative partnership to achieve desired business and individual success throughout the organization. Our measured success is built on eight fundamental proven principles that include Purpose, People, Passion, Process, Performance, Product, Profit, and Prayer.

Our I/O Psychology Consulting and Coaching Philosophy

IfPE’s consulting and coaching success is derived from implementing a combination of effective proven organizational psychology consulting tools, assessments, cognitive principals, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and processes that change behaviors, beliefs, and assumptions to arrive in alignment with your desired business and personal outcomes.

Consider this: In Life and in Business, your “thoughts” (vision – ideas – what-if) followed by your “actions” (plan, execute, measure, calibrate, repeat), will create “things”(education, experiences, family, love, jobs, home, cash flow)! All of which is derived from your energy (passion and purpose).  So if you want to improve your business and culture, you need to know the beliefs and assumptions that every employee has when making critical decisions.

Albert Einstein stated that ‘Insanity’ is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Is your Leadership Team aligned with the people? Are they moving the business forward and developing the people. Are your Leaders…developing Leaders?

IfPE adds structure (Organizational Design & Development) to your business and your team. Is your Leadership team operating on a foundation of Core Values & Behaviors that drive Purpose, People, Passion, Process, Performance, Product, Profit, and Prayer?

IfPE’s Chief Learning Officer and Principal

Industrial & Organizational Psychologist, Executive Leadership Consultant, Master Life Coach

Dr. Jon Hartman, Ph.D. is a successful Industrial and Organizational Psychologist, Executive Leadership Consultant, Master Life Coach, Published Author, Keynote Speaker, and Scientist.  He is a servant and transformational global leader of purposeful excellence in business and has subject matter expertise in talent management, human resources, culture development, organizational development, learning, training, content design and development in key areas of business development, sales, marketing, finance, IT, engineering, operations, quality, supply chain and manufacturing.

Jon is a US Navy Veteran and holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology; MBA with a concentration in leadership and international business; and a BS in Mechanical Engineering. As a published author, Jon has researched, written, and delivered on many topics and has facilitated many global workshops, training and leadership programs, and executive coaching programs. Certified/Qualified in Emotional Intelligence MHS EI-2.0, The Birkman Method, MBTI, TKI, Hogan, Franklin Covey, and Denison Culture.

This military and academic achievements has allowed Jon to become a subject matter authority in a variety of industries such as; Health & Wellness, Fitness, Power Generation, Utilities, Real Estate, Construction, Advertising, Government, Military, Marine, Communications, Chemical, Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Dental, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, and faith-based Ministries. Jon’s ultimate purpose is to first serve God through purposeful excellence in leadership, teaching, coaching, and training while showing, even in government, and Corporate America (profit – nonprofit), love will ultimately always win. Below are some of our partners and resources.





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