Dr. Jon Hartman, Ph.D.


Chief Learning Officer, Executive Consultant, Master Life Coach

Dr Jon G. Hartman, Ph.D. is a successful Leadership Coach and Trainer, multi-published Author, Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, and Life Coach.  He is a servant and transformational leader of Business Excellence and has subject matter expertise in Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Operations, as well as Talent Management, Team Training, One-on-One Personal Coaching, and corporate Human Capital Team Development.

He drives organizational and individual transformation to embrace accountability and commitment, to develop a passion for creativity with consistent and repeatable success. Dr. Hartman holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, an MBA with a concentration in Leadership, Strategic Business, and Marketing and BS in Mechanical Engineering. Dr. Jon’s ultimate purpose is to serve God through purposeful excellence from  teaching, coaching, and training while showing, even in Government, Corporate, nonprofit, and Private sectors, love will wins true success.

As a multi-published Author, Dr. Hartman has researched, written, and delivered on many topics and has facilitated many workshops, training programs, and coaching sessions over the years. He is experienced in speaking and training  in front of hundreds of people at large conferences and facilitating  large-group workshops. He is also very experienced consulting and coaching Executives and CEOs one-on-one. This has allowed for him to become a subject matter authority in a variety of industries such as; Health & Wellness, Fitness, Power Generation, Utilities, Real Estate, Construction, Advertising, Government, Military, Marine, Communications, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Hospitality, Consumer Goods, and Industrial Manufacturing.

Since Dr. Hartmans’ professional endeavors’ began in 1980 he has spent approximately 15 of those years as an Entrepreneur providing consulting, training and leadership guidance to many professional and individuals on all levels. Dr. Hartman has participated in multiple startups over the years and has spoken at many conferences both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Hartman’s participation in his community, public school system, and local churches, afforded him many coaching and mentoring opportunities with Teenagers. Dr. Hartman has coached, trained, and mentored many students over the years to provide personal goals, career direction and college choices. As a Lifelong Learner, Dr. Hartman will continue to expand his coaching and training portfolio to become the best he can be as he follows his own personal and professional vision on this wonderful journey we call life.

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