Marriage Coaching

I have Faith, in God’s direction, guidance, and purpose in restoring purposeful excellence with Love, and I believe there is Hope in saving all relationships and marriages.

Dr. Jon Hartman’s approach to coaching couples is to ensure that all options have been exhausted and separation and/or divorce are the very last resort. (please see note below on marriage coaching vs. marriage counseling)*

All Relationships must be purposeful in order for them to survive and thrive.  Without 100% contribution from both the man and the woman, there will always be a potential for hurt, disappointment, significant emotional pain, and ultimately the relationship ends up in breaking apart and/or divorce.  The more intentional couples are about their relationship in the beginning, the higher the probability of a lifetime marriage of faith, hope, and love.  Depending on your spiritual belief system (your faith/religion that you both practice daily); will determine your desire, intentions, and truth how you approach love in any relationship. Because in the end, only love wins.

Marriage and Relationship Coaching is a proven process that will help you both:

  1. Identify the issues and the truth
    • Trust & respect
    • Communication
    • Family contribution
    • Quality time vs. quantity
    • Work and family life balance
    • Parenting roles & responsibilities
    • Loss of attraction and intimacy
    • Spiritual and religious incompatibilities
  2. Restoring and developing communication to an effective and meaningful language
  3. Develop a specific and purposeful healing plan that fits both unique personalities
  4. Understand, respect, and respond to each other’s love languages
  5. Instill 360° accountability measures for a lifetime

Coaching can have positive outcome if one or both individuals want change and are willing to change in order to protect and preserve their relationship and marriage for life!

*Note: There is clear difference between Certified Professional Coaching and Marriage Counselors who are licensed Therapist.

To determine if Marriage and/or Relationship Coaching from a Certified Professional Coach is best for you, answer the following basic questions.

  1. Is there an issue with clinical depression that has not been treated? No, Yes
  2. Is there an issue with on-going physical abuse? No, Yes
  3. Is there a chemical or substance addiction that is not being treated? No, Yes
  4. Is there any clinical mental health issue that has not been treated? No, Yes
  5. Is there any issue, concern, or threat for suicide? No, Yes

If  “YES” is your answer to any of these questions, then coaching is not your best initial choice in obtaining help in your relationship or marriage at this stage.  It is best to reach out to a licensed Counselor or Therapist for their guidance and help.  Anyone in the relationship that is experiencing any of these issues are typically not in a state of willingness or intentional/meaningful permanent change for their life, much less their relationship (not all, but most).

Once these above issues are being addressed in an effective treatment program, then Certified Professional Coaching can make a tremendous and purposeful difference to help reestablish faith, hope, and love.

Are you ready? When is “NOW” a good time? 

I invite you to reach out to IfPE today to learn more how we can best serve you and your Marriage Coaching needs.

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