Leadership Development & Coaching

Improve your leadership position and your personal value proposition. Your success in being a strategic leader for your team and organization starts with and ends with your knowledge, skills, ability, and experiences along with the strength/depth of your emotional intelligence. Learn to engage in the ability to anticipate, envision, maintain flexibility, think strategically, and initiate change. This will result in a viable future for your organization through planning for future sustainability, growth, and transformation to fulfill the purpose and mission of the organization.

  • At IfPE, we develop an intellectual model and provide Leadership Coaching along with 360 Feed-Back-Forward using learning dynamics and consulting psychology best practices, methods and models tailored specifically to your organization regardless if you work in Corporate America, Government, or non-profit.
  • Most successful leaders are developed through a combination of education and experience that is supported by unique characteristics, skills, talents, personality, and the passion to lead. Your IfPE professional Leadership Coach and accountability partner will use proven models that will influence your success in becoming a strategic leader of purposeful excellence.

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