360 Feedback & Feedforward

The 360o Overview

The EI 360o feedback and feedforward process is a tool used to identify leadership capabilities and workplace behavior as viewed from a quantitative self-reporting assessment of the individual as well as a quantitative and qualitative feedback assessment from a multitude of constituents. The constituents can be made up of the individual’s managers, peers, direct reports, and sometimes extended to external customers and vendors. The EI 360o feedback process provides full transparency between the individual, their manager, and the Organizational Development team. The EI 360o feedback process provides anonymity to constituents who participate in the feedback process.

The Individual (employee) goes through a variety of steps of self discovery that are verified and validated by the constituents (the raters) feedback in order to determine alignment and agreement or perhaps gaps and blind spots of the individuals’ workplace operationalization (attitude, engagement, performance, behavior, interpersonal relationships, etc.).

The Coaching Overview (Feedback-Forward)

The Coaching aspect for the individual that follows the EI 360o feedback process is a continuous development process for assessing, analyzing, teaching, engaging, goal setting, application, measurement, and follow-up. The coaching process typically includes the Organizational Development team, the Individual, the manager, certified Human Resources team members, and other key contributors that will aid in the development and growth of the Individual using frameworks such as Boyatzis’ Theory of Self-Directed Learning (or similar).

Boyatzis’ Theory of Self-Directed Learning (Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee, 2002), is one of many frameworks that are used in the workplace today and is seen as a best practice application used for developing leaders to become and perform at their greatest potential utilizing their best emotional intelligence self. The framework is built on the recurring outcome of the 5th self-discovery which is “Developing trusting relationships that help, support, and encourage each step of the process”.

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