WHY” Do People Typically Fail To Thrive In Life?

What Are You Doing To Thrive, Not Just Survive?

It is because they are not living On Purpose. People cannot solve problems and remove the roadblocks without the same Belief System or attitude that created them. All too often people try to live Life with a Belief System that does not understand the reason for Life. These people do not even understand “WHY” they are here on earth. They think they should do just as their parents did and fulfill what seems to be their Purpose to just exist. Therefore, they just exist and go with the flow, day in, and day out, creating a constant churn. They were born in to a bunch of rules and laws, and don’t understand them. It appears that other people, other countries, and other religions, all have a different set of rules. Even when you follow the rules you often fail at becoming successful. Surprisingly, and even worse, sometimes you win when you don’t follow the rules or laws. How confusing is that? I don’t follow your rules yet I still win. Is there a right and wrong success?

Success appears to be a Life or death game. The pressure turns into fear, the fear turns into pain, and then people simply quit. They give up hope; the passion to do whatever it takes to win at Life. They sometimes just accept the fundamental lifecycle of expectations that have been passed down to them from previous generations.

By understanding these emotional roadblocks and Belief System failures, you will be able to identify them in advance, and make best efforts to avoid them. You will be able to deal with them head on so that you can learn, grow, and teach others to do the same along the way. 

Rick Warren boldly wrote, “Without a clear purpose you have no foundation on which you base decisions, allocate your time, and use your resources. You will tend to make choices based on circumstances, pressure, and your mood at that moment.”

What will you do to truly find your purpose?  If not today then when? If not you, then WHO?

Please Share ……What are you willing to do, to truly thrive, not just survive? 

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