Who or What Do You Blame for Your Procrastination?

Is Life Too Short, Do You Procrastinate or Are You Just Too Slow?

Time is not waiting for you, so make your Life Significant enough such that every descendent of your personal blood line knows your character, who you are, who you were, and who you will be for eternity.  Not just today’s generation.

I often state that “Life is certainly too short, or maybe we are just too slow.” A subtle, but serious reminder to all, that tomorrow will always come, we may just not be here to see it. So what will be your legacy?

Your Ego and God cannot occupy the same place at the same time in your heart. I love the statement that Dr. Wayne Dyer associates to the word EGO. In essences he expounds: “When we think that we are in complete control of our own lives, our ego takes over… and as a result we are Edging God Out” of our Life. We are basically saying to God, “I got this; I really don’t need you right now!”

God created you for His Purpose, His love, and His joy. When you start to live your Life to please Him, you begin to become aware of what your Purpose will be. Remember God is not necessarily interested in the things that you can do, He is more interested in who you are, who you are becoming and the character that you are developing for your Eternal Life. Your career, education, and personal successes are not needed beyond this world. However, they are indeed needed today as part of your wonderful journey that allows you to live and express your Belief System.

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