Life Is Simply About Loving, Living, and Contributing! What is Your Weakest Link?

How do you love?

What are you giving back?

How are you paying it forward?

What are you contributing to this Life?

Ultimately what we become (our character developed from love) will define what and how we contribute. As we contribute and serve, Life will give us a sense of fulfillment and direction, and therefore lead us on a Life path of becoming Significant.

Fulfillment is also an ongoing growth through loving, living, and contributing. This is not to be mistaken for instant gratification, which only gives you a temporary feeling.

Do you feel that you may be here to: love, learn, grow, share, and teach? What are you here for? There is a specific plan for you and it is something very Significant, something different than anybody else. The best way to discover the plan is to trust your gut and heart instincts. Say your Purpose statement aloud, not in your head. Write it down, using just words or bullet points to get your brain juices flowing for what you feel your Purpose is.

If you don’t seek, discover, or understand your Purpose, you continue to waddle in your daily Life of the “poor me” churn. You will continue to do the same things over and over in your daily Life and hope that you get a different result. How insane is that? 

 Knowing what things Mean to YOU and Knowing the Significant Emotional Feelings attached to your “WHY” Will bring comfort to your Heart.

This I am certain!

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Life Coach ~ Jon G. Hartman
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