Identify Your Purpose In 5 Easy Steps: not just for Dummies’ and CEO’s

Identify Your Purpose in 5 easy Steps: not just for Dummies’ and CEO’s

How do you identify what your Purpose is? The journey begins with the first emotional thought, followed by the first physical step, which allows you to grow and fine-tune your Purpose as you engage Life head-on. The goal is to develop a greater sense of meaning of Life as it pertains to you. Not what it means to your family, friends, or others, nor what they expect of you. This is about you and your meaning. Your Purpose does not have to be a two-page essay or a thesis to define what and who you are as a person. It is specific details, which define your overall desires, passions, hopes, and dreams. The details will fall out when you choose specific goals along the way, and come up with a specific plan to achieve those goals. This is indeed part of the process of fulfilling your Purpose. Use the KISS principle: Keep It Simple Silly!

Sometimes it is best to just sit and think, and voice out loud what you are thinking and feeling. Then, jot a few simple statements down. Keep rewriting it until it sounds and feels right in your heart. This is a valuable exercise.

The Purpose of my Life is to:





Here are a few good things to think about and consider, as you are voicing and/or making these statements. I am sure you have a few more, but this will get your juices flowing a little. These are in no particular order, however, I am a true believer that when God is part of your Belief System, and when you get clear on your relationship with God, then the rest will unfold as you identify your love, kindness, and passions. What means the most to you in Life? This is just the outline of your Purpose. There is detail yet to come for the specifics and how to achieve them. First, let’s get your foundation identified on a level that will help define your core values.

1.             Does your Purpose include You?

The Purpose of my Life is to:______________________________________ for Me

Example: To experience love, joy, family, adventure, knowledge, success, financial abundance, through career, hobbies, travel, arts, sciences, to serve, teach, and to contribute

2.             Does your Purpose include Family?

The Purpose of my Life is to:__________________________________ for Family

Example: To be the best possible child, sibling, parent, or grandparent, to ensure I pass on a Life of love… greater than that was passed on to me.

3.             Does your Purpose include your Neighbors?

The Purpose of my Life is to:_________________________________ for Neighbors

Example: To get involved to help, volunteer, and contribute my time, talents and donations with love, kindness, respect, and sympathy.

4.             Does your Purpose include Humanity?

The Purpose of my Life is t0__________________________________for Humanity

Example: To get involved to help, volunteer, and contribute my time, talents, and donations with love, kindness, respect, and sympathy to ensure our world is protected today and preserved for tomorrow with abundance of Life, resources, and knowledge.

5.             Does your Purpose include God?

The Purpose of my Life is to:_____________________________________ for God

Example: To serve with Faith as a Christian, while living my best Life now and prepare for a Life of eternity.

I recommend you start where you feel the deepest passion in your Life today. What consumes your biggest thoughts and attention? What are you feeling about those thoughts? Is it you, God, your country, or mother earth? Start with any of them and surely the rest of the core foundation will unfold as you are feeling it.

Okay, this is indeed about you and this is “WHY” you are here, so let’s start with you. What is the journey that you believe will help you become successful and Significant? Remember I have only listed a few ideas of what I truly believe to be the fundamentals of our existence. You may have a few of your own, or you may have a completely different list. The most important is that you get it down, define it, organize it, and articulate it in a fashion that says what you are feeling and what you believe to be true in this moment.

Take Massive Action NOW,  Be accountable to 5 key objective daily to move towards your true purpose in Life!

Regardless of what your career path, job, education, and experiences have been to date, let’s step back to your pre-teen days and think about what your dreams were. What were your hopes, your wishes, and you fantasies? What and whom were the things that inspired you at that time in your Life? 

Reach out to me for the next 6 Steps and learn  To become Significant!

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