Emotional Intelligence: Developing Your Spiritual Proposition

Change Your Thoughts! Shape Your Purpose!

Emotional Intelligence (EI) – fundamentally is to know your emotional self, understanding the emotions of others, and having the knowledge and intelligence to understand the interaction with yourself and others.

Spiritual Proposition (SP) – Is One’s Authentic Cadence of Their Emotional Intelligence, Morals, Ethics, and Spiritual Characteristics, That Define Who They Are in a Final Accountability To God.  ~Jon G. Hartman

Just as the power of God’s mind created our world and our existence, the power of your mind has tremendous potential to help create the Life you desire. God gave us the gift of human creativity so that we could identify, shape, and live our Purpose, in order to fulfill His Purpose.

With the ability for your mind to think and reason, you are able to combine experience, logic, and wisdom to acquire and gain intelligence. With the ability of your heart and soul, you are able to feel, experience, and understand pain and pleasure, thus you acquire and gain the power of emotions.

Developing your emotional spiritual maturity is going to be the Significant Emotional Intelligent key to shaping your Purpose.

To create results in our Life we must use Emotional Intelligence to take actions on what it is that we truly want and desire to experience. We must be very clear on our “WHY,” and ensure the sum of all our excuses shall never become larger than the power of our “WHY.” We must always monitor and measure to see what is working effectively and efficiently and be prepared to adjust as necessary to reach our goals as we live out our Purpose.

Reference: Are You Living Your Best Life On Purpose? Jon G. Hartman

What Is Your Spiritual Proposition?

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