Does Self-Actualization Scare You? Why or Why Not?

Does Self-Actualization Scare You?  Why or Why Not?

 The ability to define and live a Life without excuses and On Purpose simply removes emotional roadblocks and prepares you for adversities, while refining them in an opportunistic and self-empowering way. You become effective and efficient in the way you shape your Life by optimizing your Emotional Intelligent Reasoning. You become accountable to yourself and blame no one or no-thing as you approach self-actualization.

I want to break down self-actualization to its core meaning. It is said that you max out when you have reached the highest level you can reach. You obtain your greatest human potential when:

 ©   You embrace the facts and realities of your world, rather than denying or avoiding them

©   You are spontaneous in ideas and actions

©   You are creative

©   You are interested in solving both your problems and problems of others, which is often a key focus in your Life

©   You feel a closeness to other people, and generally appreciate Life

©   You have a system of morality that is fully internalized and independent of external authority

©   You have discernment and are able to view all things in an objective manner

©   Prejudices are absent from your heart

While most people fulfill a few of these and become content in Life, they fail in striving to seek the others. They envision or experience the fears and pains to be much greater than the rewards, typically because of a weak Belief System. Yes, they are willing to endure the existing pain, fear, and failures while being unhappy, yet remain stagnant in their current state of ongoing generational existence. Sadly enough, seeking instant gratification daily, becomes priority one. While self-actualization is a worthy goal to many, others insist there is no proof that every individual has this capacity, or even the desire, to achieve it.

Do you have the desire to seek Self -Actualization? Why or why not?

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