Significant Emotional PAIN vs. Significant Emotional PLEASURE a.k.a. “SEE” Anchors

Do You have the Need to Avoid Significant Emotional PAIN and the Desire to Gain Significant Emotional PLEASURE?

Significant Emotional Pain is just that, it is Significant to you. It has a different meaning to you, than what other people’s pain means to them. Most people are driven to act upon their fears as they experience Significant Emotional Pain. Fear is the most Significant Emotional Experience  (SEE) that one could ever envision, and when they experience it, they create a SEE Anchor in their subconscious mind for recalling and remembering what that fear felt like. Most seek to do anything to avoid a similar fearful situation in the future.

Experiencing the signals and warning signs of fear can actually be very beneficial to us in many situations of development and growth in our lives. If we look to the meaning as a warning sign that something is wrong, something is about to happen, or something has happened; then we better respond. Chances are we need to change our emotions, change our feelings, and make decisions to take action to remove this pain. Then, immediately do what it ever it takes to replace it with pleasure.

The pit of our gut is hardwired to our nervous system. This is like the idiot lights on the dashboard of our cars. It sends us warnings when our fuel is too low, water temperature is too high, oil pressure is too low, or battery charge is too low. If one of these alarms goes off and we fail to respond to it, then there is a good chance we may end up on the side of the road stranded. Without a backup emergency plan or support system, (cell phone, tools, AAA, friends, family, walking shoes) chances are you are going to experience even more pain.

Your nervous system is designed to help you make a decision to take action and to respond to the signals of pain or pleasure. First, identify what the pain is and make a decision to stop doing what it is that is causing the pain. More importantly, learn from the pain and avoid it from happening in the future. When the nervous system gives a pleasure signal, you want to identify the source of the pleasure and what you were doing at that time. You will want to repeat the actions and events that led up to that positive emotional outcome.

Unfortunately, and all too often, we respond to pain with disempowering feelings and do not think things through. We do not have faith that there is a higher meaning and value to experiencing this pain. In most cases, we accept it as the lowest common denominator, with comments such as: “It is what it is,” “This is who I am,” and “I guess it was meant to be.” “I am just destined to fail and stay on this low level of Life I have found myself surrounded by.” This is a bunch of BS….F; a Belief System Failure.

Our nervous system makes quick reactions based on all of the negativity that has been programmed in to our subconscious mind since day one. Every time you experience any Significant amount of pain, your brain causes your body to have some level of a physical reaction. You feel the hurt, and your thought process draws a parallel to what else was going on at the same time you experienced the pain. You mentally ask yourself: “What caused the pain, what was I doing when I got this pain, where was I, has this happened before, and if so, what was I doing then?”

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