About IfPE

IfPE is a Coaching and Consulting boutique that works with large and small organizations, executive leaders, teams, and individuals in a collaborative partnership to achieve desired business and individual success. Every approach is built on the framework of 8 fundamental proven principles of Purpose, People, Passion, Process, Performance, Product, Profit and Prayer.

Our Consulting and Coaching Philosophy

IfPE’s organizational and individual consulting success is derived from implementing a combination of effective proven consulting psychology tools, assessments, cognitive principals, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, and processes that change your behaviors and enhance your belief systems that are in alignment with your desired business and personal outcomes. All of which works with the power and your control of your subconscious mind, while focusing on the most powerful universal law of love and your desire to achieve purposeful excellence. In the end, love always wins…even in the workplace!

Consider this: In Life and in Business, your “thoughts” (vision – ideas – what-if) followed by your “actions” (plan, execute, measure, calibrate, repeat), will create “things”(education, experiences, family, love, jobs, home, cash flow)! All of which is derived from your energy (passion and purpose)…a gift from God!  So if you want to improve your business or change your life, then Change!

Albert Einstein stated that, Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. How is your life? How is your business? Are you in a state of churn?

IfPE adds structure to your business, your team, and perhaps to your personal life. Are you operating on a foundation of  Purpose, People, Passion, Process, Performance, Product, Profit, and Prayer?

I invite you to reach out to IfPE today to learn more how we can best serve you and your Talent Management, Leadership, Training, or Organizational Development needs.

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