Training & Development

For over 25 years in training and development, Dr. Jon Hartman continues to truly make a difference that matters in people’s lives and their businesses through applied training that can be measured through performance, effectiveness, efficiencies, and profits (these are a few of the fundamental variables of your ROI).

Jon influences teams and individuals to collaboratively come together to leverage the experience, knowledge and wisdom collectively to improve individual and team performance and workplace behavior through trust and respect.


The ultimate purpose to provide training for employees is to increase profitability on gross earnings as well as operational efficiencies. The employees are the most valuable assets to your organization.  Investing in a human capital training and development  for individuals or teams goes beyond increasing net profits.  Effective personal development and job function training provides systematic acquisition of skills, rules, concepts, and attitudes that result in improved performance and moral.  At the Institute for Purposeful Excellence, we will design, develop, facilitate, motivate, implement, measure, and monitor comprehensive learning and training programs tailored specifically to your team.  We will train and motivate your team to be purposefully excellent and perform effectively and efficiently for the organization’s mission.  Your professional Training Coach and accountability partner will use proven training and facilitating practices that will influence your team to perform at their best level of purposeful excellence.