What Does Self-Actualization Mean to You, and to your Children?

What Does Self-Actualization Mean to You, and to your Children?

Abraham Maslow initially defined the term Self-Actualization to describe one’s greatest human being potential. Self-Actualization is to reach and exist at a state of “All Knowing.”  The ability to understand and know for certain “WHY” we exist, and what to do to “optimize” our existence, during our human life. This is certainly a beautiful state to evolve to and be able to experience the greatest amount of awareness and pleasure possible while sustaining this self-actualized existence for the rest of your Life.

Wow, is that it, is that all there is?  Is that the finite limit to the human race? Really?

I truly believe that there is even a higher level of consciousness beyond self-actualization that you will come to realize with the desire to seek and experience as you journey though this life.  As a spiritual being in a human body you already have the personal power within you at this very moment to change your intentions, and actualize your mind and heart to full emotional spiritual maturity. You must be curious and open to accept the unknown through faith and trust. This is done through believing, which allows for living a Life of love and abundance today, so that you are prepared for the eternal Life that God has promised. Worth imagining, would you agree?

None of this is possible without you rolling up your sleeves and preparing to take action by utilizing ALL of your mind, body, and spirit in order to seek and live your best Life On Purpose.

So here are a few very important questions. Please read through them all slowly before you try to answer them. Give some clear thought to what each of the questions mean to you.

What type of an emotion do you experience and actually feel when you read these words? Is it pain or pleasure?  Is it fear or comfort?  Is it certainty or uncertainty?

  • What is the Purpose of my Life?
  • What is God’s special plan for me?
  • What is my Belief System?
  • What is it that I am here to become?
  • What is it that I am here to contribute?
  • What is really controlling my fears?
  • What is the source of my pleasure?
  • What is really controlling my pleasures?
  • What is the source of my pain?
  • What is really controlling my decisions?
  • What is ultimately defining my Life?
  • What is it that drives me?
  • What is directing my behavior?
  • What is directing my focus?
  • What is most important to me?
  • What is it that gives me a sense of joy and fulfillment?
  • Am I happy and fulfilled in this very moment; should this be my last breath?

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