What Does It Take From You…. To Become Truly Significant?

Why Must We Become A Significant Outlier?

Why Does it Matter?

Your Purpose must contain a plan and life goals before you can truly and ultimately fulfill your Purpose. Your life plan and your goals must be realistic, attainable, and measurable, while bringing value to God, you, and your neighbor. To live an extraordinary Life and become spiritually mature, you must passionately: plan, pray, love, act, measure, reflect, adjust, celebrate and have gratitude daily. The only way you can improve your Life Significantly is to love it, measure it, and manage it daily.

This is where Life separates people who are just content, and those who hunger to learn more, live more, and love more. People who seek a journey to identify and live their Purpose and become Significant, naturally reach out to mentor those whom are lost or not content with Life. Significant people are clear about the part of their Purpose that is dedicated to serving God through serving their neighbor. They are clear on the message to love your neighbor as you love yourself. Wow, that is a bit of an awakening when most people cannot truly answer if they even love themselves. Truth be known, if you cannot love and respect yourself 100%, you will always hold back from giving 100% of love to others… including God.

Your Belief System will help you define and live your Purpose with an extraordinary Life of Significance. Everything on earth has a Purpose, which includes you. Your Purpose provides an inner drive that once you dive into it; it will lead you to a Life of love and abundance. You will become certain of “WHY” you are here on earth and what it is that you must do to contribute to society.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “Jon, what is your meaning of Significance? What is so Significant about being Significant?” I am so glad you asked! I will elaborate on this in great detail as you journey to find your Purpose, to become successful, and to experience Significance. First, let’s see what the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “Significant“ to mean.

SIGNIFICANT sig·nif·i·cant    adj, 1: having meaning;

Having Meaning? Who’s meaning? Okay, I buy the idea of being Significant is to have meaning. So here is the meaning I give to becoming Significant.

Becoming Significant: You have identified and are living your Purpose in Life, while becoming successful in Life through the practice of learning to love, giving love, and receiving love. You joyfully use your gifted talents, wisdom, and love to serve God and mankind. All the while, maintaining faith in the Holy Spirit for the promises that God gives us all, for believing and becoming spiritually mature in your relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. This is all in preparation to perhaps, be blessed to live a Life of eternity.

The meaning you give words will define the amount of power you use to shape your Life. This character you build gives you an identity from the outcome of your experiences; where you felt Significant Emotional Pleasure or Significant Emotional Pain.

What will you do to become significant? What will you do to prepare your children to become significant?

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