What Bad Choices Have You Made In The Past, That Is Now Defining The Questionable Character Of Your Teen?

Do Your Life Choices Initiate Your Life’s Actions?

Do they get passed one  to your children?

What Can you NOW do?

What words, things, people, events, miracles and God MEAN to you, will generate feelings that will in turn cause Significant Emotional Experiences. Be consistent and hold true to your meanings. You must be open to change your mind or change the meaning. As you increase your Emotional Intelligence and become spiritually mature, you will certainly refine your meaning of Life. What it means to you, not what it means to your best friend, family, peer group, or the media. Albeit we all have a common understanding of what most things mean but when you go deep into your gut, you truly associate a different Significance and a different level of power you give to the meaning of these words. This is what truly shapes your Belief System and truly defines your Purpose.

Consider this recent Significant Emotional Experience that all Americans reacted to in their own way. The unfortunate pain and sorrow you may have experienced from the September 11, 2001 tragedy in NYC, had a different effect on us all. Depending on if you had a relative killed or injured, a co-worker killed or injured, a fellow first-responder killed or injured, or the mere fact that hate was brought upon our country. What does that kind of pain mean to you? What about the joy and the excitement of all of the heroes involved, who risked and gave up their lives to save others? What does joy mean to you? What about the final capture and execution of Sadam Husain and Osama Bin Laden. What does that success for our country mean to you? Would you agree the personal and emotional meanings to this event was a little different for every citizen of the United States?

This is why it is so very important that you draw from your own emotional meanings of powerful words. What does being average mean to you? What does being Significant mean to you? What does failure mean to you? These are only a few key common words that we all experience daily. We all have our very own meaning and emotional response to them. What did you truly feel on May 1, 2011 when it was announced that our American Forces had finally killed Osama Bin Laden? Did you have a sense of relief that maybe our country would not be attacked again? Did you have a sense of hatred; hoping he would rot and burn in hell? What were your feelings? How long did those feelings last? Are they the same, as you felt that very 9/11-day?

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Life Coach ~ Jon G. Hartman

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