What do you believe it means to “Live Your Best Life On Purpose?”

Welcome to the pre-launch of my Global “BLOG” that was inspired by my new book “Are You Living Your Best Life On Purpose?”. My book has now sold in over seven different countries around the world and is on track to reach the New York Times Best Sellers List by January 2013.

The Purpose of this Collaboration “BLOG” is to engage you with myself and thousands of other Subject-Matter-Experts from around the world in the fields of personal development and personal growth with a focus on the mind, body, and spirit, to be the very best we can become.

In addition, the purpose of this BLOG is to:

  1. Create a collaborative platform in order for all like-minded people to come together to seek the best relevant knowledge and wisdom to make emotional and intelligent informed decisions about their own personal life. Are you living your best life on purpose?
  2.  To collaborate and share knowledge, wisdom, best practices, methodologies, and resources with Spiritual Leaders around the World in order that we all will be effective in delivering God’s compelling messages.
  3. To support and promote each other in their spiritual, professional, and academia journey as “Spiritual Leaders” who are in rolls (or seeking to be) to help and serve people in a Godly manner such as: Authors, Bloggers, Speakers, Professors, Counselor, Therapist, Life Coaches, Mentors, Priest, Ministers, Rabbis,  Actors, and Musicians, etc.
  4. Perhaps we can help people recognize and remove the obstacles in their lives in order for them to identify and realize their Life Purpose.  Perhaps, we can help empower them, not to just become successful, but seek and live a life of Spiritual Excellence: regardless of their religion, faith, or belief system.

Is Your Heart Full of Passion and on Fire to Live Life Full Out?

Are you living your best Life today? Are you living your Life On Purpose? Are you certain that you know what your mission is, and what the final objective is to fulfill your Life here on earth? Have you followed a path with direction, and have a clear vision of what you want to complete by the end of your journey? Do you know how long your journey will last? Do you have faith, bound by a solid Belief System, to understand “WHY” you are here, and what your destiny is? In the end, who are you, and does it really matter? Do you really matter?

I look forward to embarking on this new journey with you,

all the best… Coach Jon Hartman

4 Responses to “What do you believe it means to “Live Your Best Life On Purpose?”

  • This book has the tools needed to shake off the daily life practices that have become fruitless, and make every step you take significant and relevant. Life changing if you are willing to do the work.

  • Thank you Paige for your contribution. You have done some pretty amazing things to add this Book and program to your woman’s ministry in the Lakeland Area. I recall that you had 20+ people in your recent Workshop. What is the most common thing that you feel spiritual minded women are seeking clarity with? Do you feel more and more women today are stepping up to the plate and becoming spiritual warriors?
    We look forward to hearing from you again.

    all the best… Jon

  • Wow! This great Jon! You really make folks think about just what their purpose is in this world! We all need a reality check so that our time here is MAXED OUT to achieve our ultimate goals. I love the passion and enthusiasm! Great job. I’d like to order a book too… I’ll be looking at my own mission as well. 🙂

    • Thank you Laneve for stopping by. I love love love simply making people think… on a deep level until it becomes “Critical Thinking”.

      When we reach a level of Critical thinking, especially about our personal Purpose in life… we tend to make better choices based on emotional intelligent reasoning.

      Then comes the hardest part! Taking Massive Action!!!!
      Too many people say… could-a, would-a, should-a and then they keep should-ing all over themselves.

      This is “WHY” it is so important for all of us to go the extra mile: Very few people hang out there!

      Please share the love, and pay it forward, and SHARE with your friends.
      …All the best in your Journey…
      Coach Jon Hartman

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